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Principal's Message


Dear Suva families:


I am honored to have the opportunity to serve Suva Elementary School as your new principal. The core values that I bring to work every day are integrity, equity, and compassion.  Leading with integrity means that every decision made is honest and fair with the best interest of our students in mind. This core value also applies to parents, staff, and the community. Equity means ensuring that all students have equal access to instruction, safety, and extracurricular opportunities. Finally, compassion means understanding that every student comes to school with their own set of life experiences and honoring these experiences. These three core values coupled with high expectations in academics and social development will ensure every student is successful not just at Suva Elementary but through high school, college, and beyond.


Suva Elementary staff is committed to providing the best distance learning experience for all students. Our teachers have been working diligently to provide engaging standards-based lessons on a daily basis to ensure all students continue to grow both academically and socially during our school closure. I want to thank you for your support and understanding with our ongoing materials distributions as well as navigating through our distance learning model. I look forward to serving every student, every day.


Jacinto Zavala




The new Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn in K-12 math and language arts. 


The adoption of the Common Core Standards by 45 states will align academic expectations for students across the majority of the United States.  


The rigor of the new standards will better prepare students to meet the demands of college and/or the work place in the 21st century.  The standards focus on reading not just literature, but non-fiction text.  Our school has subscribed to “Time 4 Kids” to provide our students with more access to informational text.


Our teachers have been attending Common Core training provided by the District and at our school site.  We are proud to have several of our teachers participating on District Curriculum Committees which are designing new Common Core lessons to be used throughout the District.