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Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to our Perfect Attendance Superstars! Itzamaray, Sara, Gerwyn, Ashley, Brian and Jazmine. Great Job!
Gardenc Club

Environmental Literacy Showcase-Garden Club

Mrs. Mayen, Ms. Tolmasov, and Mrs. Lewis-Gordon co-taught interdisciplinary lessons titled, "The Growth and Survival of Plants on Our Campus." Students learned that they can make a positive difference in improving our school's Butterfly Garden. Students participated in the after-school Garden Club. They helped clean our garden and planted succulent purple heart plants.
Suva's Showcase

Environmental Literacy Showcase

On Saturday, June 4, 2022, the school district held an Environmental Literacy Showcase. Representing Room 18 were 2nd grade students Teresa R., Dalianna M., and Daniel A.
Ms. Cervantes and Mrs. J. Reyes co-taught interdisciplinary lessons titled "Pollinators in our Garden Habitat." Through inquiry skills and a hands-on learning approach, students learned that they can make a positive difference in improving the school garden habitat.
MUSD Science Fair

MUSD Science Fair

Suva Elementary School's submissions for the MUSD Science Fair are the following:
Kindergarten Class Project, Teacher: Liz Gonzalez
Project: Which lima beans will grow faster, pantry lima beans or lima bean seeds?

1st grade Class Project, Teacher Cristy Brizuela
Project: Which type of music causes the strongest vibration?


Scholastic Book Fair
Empowering Students to Achieve Academic Excellence as Model Citizens.